Okavango Delta Activities


“The helicopter scenic tour over the Okavango delta is a must for anyone visiting Botswana”


45 Minute Doors Off Scenic Flight

A scenic flight from Maun provides fantastic aerial access to the magical beauty of the Delta within a few minutes from lift off. The complex bushland soon opens up to stunning floodplains, crisscrossed with waterways, hippo highways and animal tracks. These floodplains are populated by grazing lechwe and scattered with isolated palm islands where buffalo laze in the shade and elephants meander through on their never-ending quest for food. Beyond the floodplain scenes you will fly over a mosaic of ecologically important woodlands and productive grasslands that support species that don’t like to get their feet too wet, such as giraffe, impala, wildebeest, and predators moving through this wildlife rich area.

This incredible scenic flight allows you to experience the wonderful variety of diverse ecosystems in one awesome adventure, taking you to the permanent waterways, palm islands and lagoons that constitute the heart of the south-western Okavango Delta. On your way back to Maun, you will experience breath-taking views of the seasonal floodplains west of the main Boro channel. Doors are removed for unrestricted views, which offers great photographic opportunities and guests are provided with headsets for constant communication with our very knowledgeable pilots, guaranteeing a highly informative and expertly guided adventure.

BWP2450.00 per person/minimum 2 persons

60 Minute Doors Off Scenic Flight

Okavango through the LENS

The full hour of flight time allows for extended wildlife sightings and access to a large area with more diverse landscapes and habitats. Soaring up to 1000 feet above the ground then swooping down to a few hundred feet provides completely different yet complementary views of the vast wilderness and the details of its components, including the characteristic smell of wild sage that grows throughout the Okavango drylands. This scenic flight will give you a thorough understanding of the biodiversity and ecosystems that led to the Okavango Delta being designated the 1000th World Heritage Site.

Your knowledgeable pilot offers a guided experience making sure every view and sighting is perfectly set up for the best shot. They will find and highlight the terrain’s greatest treasures through the completely unrestricted view guaranteed by removing the doors. With many of the Delta’s most remote areas not reachable in any other way, an aerial perspective is the ideal way to gaze onto the vast Delta and its meandering labyrinth of crystal-clear channels. This is a bucket list experience for avid photographers seeking the perfect shot of the Okavango Delta from a unique perspective. First and last light, known as the golden hours, offer the best light conditions to capture the perfect photograph.

BWP3250.00 per person/minimum 2 persons

Are you ready to be amazed?

Mokoro Into The Okavango

Return Helicopter Transfers & Mokoro Experience

Flying at low altitudes over the floodplains of the south-western Okavango Delta will offer an oversight of a complex network of channels and lagoons that allows for wildlife sightings throughout your transfer to our remote mokoro station, where you will be met by your guide. This experience combines breath-taking aerial views with close-up experiences of the rich biodiversity dependent on the water-logged floodplains and papyrus surrounding deep channels and open lagoons. A mokoro is a traditional dugout canoe propelled through the shallow waters of the Delta by talented and agile guides standing in the stern and pushing with an Ngashe (pole).

Mokoro trips offer an almost silent glide through flooded vegetation, where you can find tiny reed frogs, picturesque waterlilies and various waterbirds with the occasional opportunity to look up at wildlife on the banks of a channel. Your experienced guide from the local community will share stories, folk tales and first-hand knowledge of the area’s wildlife as they pole along the unspoiled waterways, reeds and channels of the Okavango Delta. A lifetime of experience means that polers make steering and propelling the mokoro seem effortless, but if you are brave enough to try it yourself, you will soon learn to admire their skills!

Before lifting for your return journey to Maun your pilot will serve tea and coffee that you can enjoy in the serenity of the Okavango.

BWP3250.00 per person /minimum 2 persons

Includes: Return helicopter transfers; departure tax; local guide; mokoro

Excursion; tea & coffee.

Age Restriction: 10 years +